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To make the best decision between the two guys, think about how each one If you have your mind made up about who you want to date, there's no use in.
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I often think about leaving my long term relationship and step outside of my comfort zone. Congratulations on your 2 years of sobriety. If you want to continue on the path of sobriety, what kind of companion will encourage the daily challenge of keeping sober one more day? I am in a similar situation, but on the other side of the fence. I have been in a relationship with a man for a year, and it has been amazing.

We communicate on a completely different level, and are very much halves of the same whole. He has been in a relationship for 13 yrs. I have come to place where I want a more recognized relationship with him. He has made it clear he loves us both, and feels I am his soul mate. My decision now is do I give him more time or just move on alone…. Ann, the only thing I can suggest is that when you decide you need to move on, set a deadline and tell him what the deadline is. Till one day they asked me to make a choice, to pick between one or the other… I picked the one that i did love, but i didnt feel any spark with that guy..

Ive been dating this Guy for a few months now, going on to a year.. I can feel that im putting this guy through pain… He knows i love the other guy.. With the other guy.. Ive been talking to this guy, and ive been dating the other… The guy i feel no spark for…. But, I just, i love him, But…. Im still forcing myself to pick….

Between one i truly love, and one who i see just as a friend…: For some crazy reason I commented on this almost 2 years ago and put my full name down. He might have been just as surprised as you that it went through. Also, being willing convert to your religion is a way of showing how much he wants you, but it also shows that his religious beliefs are not that important to him. If he does, will they be thorns in your side as they tug at his heart if they are against the annulment. I know you want to have a baby. As cold as it sounds, have you made a Pro and Con list of each man, including the aspects of life with each man that would extend into the next 5 years?

I realize you would be guessing at many things and each one might look like a tree. Do it for yourself and the baby.

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Stability can be fleeting. Something I never did before I got married is make a list of everything I wanted in a life partner. I am having a horrible mess with this same problem. I cant sleep I cant think. Its eating away at me and I still have NO idea which one I should choose. I have to make a decision asap, for my sanity and because the second is coming back from a business trip in a week and I need to know. Highs and lows he is always there. Problem is , he is still not divorced after over three years….!?! Finally started the process because I gave him an ultimatum, but he still doesnt understand or seem to get it.

He also has two kids teenage girls with his wife. His family knows everything his wife is dating someone else as well, but he was married to this woman for 20 years and had she not cheated on him, he would still be with her I think.

How do I choose between the two men I’m dating?

Always defends her when I say anything to attack her. I also make more money, I pay for absolutely everything, we live together, I know he doesnt make much but is looking for a better job. Man 2 I met through work.

Why She's Unable To Choose You Or Him

Also older, but never married. Incredibly charming, funny, makes me feel good.

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We live a few hours apart, so that is a difficulty. But he treats me, he is romantic, he makes me feel special. The dilema is I broke up with man 1, kicked him out, but he was broke and couldnt afford to get a place of his own.

So I let him back in but banned him to the basement. Problem was when he found out I was dating this other guy he went insane …I actually had to call the cops one night when he wouldnt stop banging down my door and windows when I locked him out after a fight. So then I received a few phone calls from smart, professional friends of mine to stay away from Man 2, that he was a player and a womanizer. These friends are also friends of Man 1 however. Perhaps they felt bad for him or he put them up to it, I dont know.

I was so depressed with everything, I stopped seeing or calling Man 2 for three weeks. In that time , Man 1 convinced me to try to work things out. He says he went crazy he is so in live with me he apologizes for his actions. I agreed just because it would make my day to day life so much easier but I also still love him, as crazy as it may seem. Man 2 is on a business trip and we are talking again, he knows nothing sbout Man 1 getting to me.

Mostly because I couldnt tell him that after he heard about the bad and I would hurt him. Man 2 was very understanding of my surprise hiatus , that I just needed some space, which was true. I wish I could have gotten space from Man 1 but he has nowhere to live. But Man 2 he cheers me up like no one else.

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Im just afraid what people said might be true, although they could have had ulterior motives. I also know that when Man 2 returns he will want to see me and if I wont see him after a month apart he will know something is up and that will be over. If I see him Man 1 will know since he is currently living here that will be over.

Basically Man 1 provides stability live but baggage, Man 2 excitement happiness on its way to love. I have a disabled teen. She cannot express her feelings in full sentences. She has never been without her mom and dad living in with her; however my husband and I have not slept in the same room for the last 18 years of our 22 year marriage.

At first my family would not back me up and I had no help and no where to go.

21 Tips on How to Choose between Two Guys Love

Then my family members all passed away, leaving me nothing. Man 2 is in another country operating a family farm. It is not best for my autistic child to go there permanently, as her insurance, doctors, SSI, and a trust is being set up for her in the U. His family is all the extended family she has. She needs me to.

When she is away with him and her sister to see his relatives and returns home, she has tears in her eyes when she sees me. She is so happy to see me and wants to tell me all about what happened, but she cannot speak that much. She is not able to completely pick out her clothes, accessories loves , light make-up loves , do her own hair, etc. She cannot be left alone in the home, or anywhere.

Our marriage has been abnormal since we drove away from the church. This was never suspected. A lot of interference from in-laws in the early years killed what we had. We had no opportunity to grow and I was shocked that he was loyal to them over me. Resentment set in and love died. We are simply house mates in separate rooms. I long so deeply to be held and loved like a normal wife whose husband is deeply in love with her.

I have that waiting for me an ocean and a rock away. My parents were not affectionate. I never had a mother I could go to when something was wrong and get a hug. My husband is happy. This is what he wants. A mother and someone who is a friend to be around who takes care of the kids. We fit like a hand in a glove. I will have led my dear love on for at least a year only to say that I cannot leave. They are my babies, bet it teenage babies.

If I do follow-through and go, I could be the happiest woman in the world; at least happier than I could ever imagined a human being to be. Just the thought of a man loving ME enough to give me all of that love and affection in person that I receive in messages, letters, and phones calls. He will be coming here to visit in months so we can get to know each other face to face.

I have been living with him for about 6 months now after I graduated school. We have an apt, 4 cats, and a routine.