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Oct 17, The hookup is much simpler, meaning you can do away with most In either case, based on the molex plug pinout (Not the Leslie plug) as.
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Multiple Leslies Clipping the deflectors out of the horns. Changing the speakers to JBL or Altec units. Modifying the amplifier fixed bias replacing the amplifier etc.

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With the advent of multi-miking instruments for sound reinforcement, the complaints about the Leslie's lack of acoustic output disappeared. The amplifier has the following connections to the Leslie Cable. Drawings taken from the original Leslie patent. The polarity relationship between the amplifier input and the acoustical output is unknown i. Note that the Leslie cable is completely unshielded and the V AC wires run alongside the balanced drive to the amplifier without significant hum problems.

This is a tribute to the ability of a balanced input to reject hum and other garbage. The amplifier input expects a balanced signal, with signal on both sides no impedance balancing here. The input is approximately 10k, balanced bridging. The input impedance varies with the setting of the volume control.

It connects a load resistor across the amplifier's input, because in organ applications, the Leslie is often driven by the amplifier within the spinet organ, thus the load resistor replaces the speaker impedance. The resistors are 10W units, so keep this in mind if you are driving this amplifier from another. The power rating is 10W at 8-ohms, 20W at ohms. When the switch is set to OPEN, the amplifier input is line level, 10k unbalanced. Probably the most definitive sound is the way that the amplifier and speakers overload when overdriven, especially in the bass region.

The power amplifier overloads particularly gracefully and musically, and this produces a very pleasing roundness of tone. Skillful use of the expression pedal and the bass pedal notes adds to the effect, especially when the amplifier is driven into clipping distortion.

In addition, the bass clipping causes intermodulation distortion that modulates the higher notes being played, making them in the extreme gargle. The total effect of the moving sources makes synthesizing the sound particularly difficult; a great deal of effort has been expended in trying to make an effect pedal that emulates a Leslie. Electro-Music the CBS division that produced the Leslie tried wrapping this into a single package with the series cabinets. These had solid state amplifiers and used JBL components, but because CBS apparently didn't understand the unique synergy of the 60w tube amplifier and the plain vanilla speakers, these units only found favor when the only judgment criteria was sheer volume.

Because of the solid-state amplifiers, however, these units were not at all musical when played into overload. They require VAC for operation. They are switched, in pairs, via a single SPDT relay.

Just bought a Leslie 147 and will need help to hook it to the organ

In the amplifier, the signal to control the speakers is a DC voltage sent equally on the two audio wires it is common mode, and the amplifier's balanced input ignores it. The tube's plate current operates the relay. The tube is biased by the cathode voltage of the output tubes 25v , and with no control signal, the tube is cut off, the relay is open, and the rotor motors run at high speed.

In the amplifier, the relay has its own pair of wires in the Leslie cable.

Just bought a Leslie 147 and will need help to hook it to the organ

The relay requires V AC for operation. Tremolo control for Model 55C is accomplished by switching audio channels at the organ. These Leslie types are now used with many different organ makes and models including Hammond. It was also used to "daisy-chain" early Hammond series 21H, 22H, etc. Leslies together and connect to Hammond-type 6H Leslie models to later self-powered Hammond consoles with series connector kits and five-pin sockets at the console.

It was mostly unsuccessful, but a number of these cabinets were sold. Series 10 cabinets were originally intended for the H series but later used with Es and some spinet models. These cabinets were produced in various finishes and trim to match specific consoles but are identical internally. They are two-channels in with a third bass channel common to both inputs. When used with single channel organs, pins 1 and 7 are paralleled. Series 10 cabinets do not have reverb or other animation, and are not recommended for early or current model Hammonds. The graphic on the right is from a Danish brochure describing the control panel on the back of the cabinet.

If you want to read more about the Series 10 cabinet, click on the graphic. Reverb will play through the organ reverb channel as normal. That is, reverb is available when the half-moon is set to Main organ speakers only or Ensemble both organ speakers and Leslie. However, when set on Ensemble, the reverb sounds through the organ's internal speaker only since the signal is not routed to the Leslie. For the same reason, the reverb channel cannot be heard when the half-moon is set to Echo Leslie only.

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The main amp and the reverb amp have different outputs and sound through separate speakers BTW, the main amp output impedance is 16 Ohms. They are totally separate systems.

The reverb amp picks-up and amplifies what's happening inside the reverb tank and outputs the signal to the 8 inch 8 Ohm speaker. The half-moon switch interrupts the connection from the main amp to the main speakers. Therefore, when the half-moon switch is set to Echo, no signal reaches the reverb tank.

Uncle Harvey's guide to Leslie pin-outs

It is possible to have your reverb come out of the I'll get back to you on that. Guys, Just received the Kit and the 6 pin Leslie cable is coming next week from Tonewheel hospital.

The kit came with the tremelo and ensemble-echo-main switches. What I would like to accomplish is, aside make this work, have options for: V2 where the reverb can be setup after or before th Leslie. That's just the magnet. Help FAQs Go to top.